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Home Purge Coaching Series - NEW FORMAT

Home Purge Coaching Series - NEW FORMAT

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Stop delaying and take action for once and for all!  Join us in purging your home one tiny task as a time with all new assignments in an all new format!

We have restructured our program so you are assigned only 3 "tiny tasks" each week (Mon, Wed & Fri).  All 3 assignments are due by the end of Sunday evening, so you can choose to work on them as they are assigned throughout the week, or save them all for the weekend...whichever works best for your schedule!  The new format of these tiny tasks breaks down all of the same areas in your home as we offered before, but in smaller bite size pieces that will better accommodate a very busy person's schedule, without adding stress to your load while still keeping it fun and rewarding!

We have a lot of fun in this group as we keep it entertaining and also encouraging of one another!  Don't let clutter take over your home or mind in 2019!  Join this fun group of people in the exact same situation as you feeling cluttered and stressed and wanting to do something about it without it interfering with your regular everyday life.

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