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Christmas Pre-Sale #14 - Second 1/2-Final Payment
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Christmas Pre-Sale #14 - Second 1/2-Final Payment

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By purchasing this item, you are making your 2nd and final payment on this pre-sale item (that you already pre-ordered by making your 1st payment this summer).  You can select store pick up or shipping at checkout - but just a reminder that all pre-sale items will not be ready for pick up until Sat, Nov. 11th. (Please disregard the automatic emails you will get after both payments saying your order is "fulfilled" prior to Nov. 11).  If you select shipping, your order will not be shipped until the week of Nov 13th.

Dims 11.25 x 36

Wall hanging/propped

Total cost $44 (plus sales tax)

Below we have copied the detailed info from our Facebook post if you have any questions, or need more info...

* Yes, it is time for Legacy Christmas Pre-sales to begin
* We start June 1st every year and if you're new, hear us out on our "why" before yelling at me that you aren't ready for Christmas yet (none of us are!) Hello...I literally have had my Christmas tree in my house until last week because of a water leak that flooded my garage in February (a month after I put Christmas away). If you have been looking at your Christmas tree in your house for more than 7 months, then you have me beat 😂 This may seem like a long read, but the process is really quite simple so don't panic. We go into detail here to make sure we haven't left anyone uninformed if they are new with us this year. If you have been around for 1 or more Christmas seasons with Legacy, the only difference this year is ordering on the website instead of Paypal invoices.

Here's WHY we start June 1st...
* Summer is our "slow" season. August 1 through December 24th we are barely able to keep our heads above water because it is our busy season (understatement of the century lol).
* Because many of our items are handmade, we are not able to mass produce the volume that we sell in a week or two. We have to utilize our slow season time to make our holiday season inventory in order to fulfill the orders.
* Our vendors deserve to spend the holidays with their families making memories not slaving 20 hour days trying to keep up. Many of our vendors also have full time jobs that limit how much they can produce during the 4th quarter. By being ahead of the game every year, they are able to guarantee they can fill everyone's orders AND enjoy the holidays with their families.
* Starting early allows our customers the ability to have their Christmas decor items fully paid for before November 1st, so they aren't trying to buy gifts and decor at the exact same time and it makes it easier financially on them (and I've heard it's easier to "hide" but I don't know anything about that 🤐)
* Starting early allows our vendors to take the guess work out of the equation and they know exactly how many of each product they need to make instead of wasting time, money and materials making more of one item that maybe won't sell a ton of instead of making 100 of this other item that everyone wants but they only made 20 of.

Here's HOW we do this program...
* In years past we have done all pre-orders through paypal invoicing, but this year we are doing them through the website, but will still be posting them here in new arrivals. Basically the only difference is you will checkout on the website instead of through our invoice. This will eliminate a TON of paperwork and after hours work for us (mainly Jill lol). This will also reduce any potential errors. Our website also accepts AMEX just fyi.
* All pre-orders have a deadline to order so we are able to wrap up that one and move onto another one. Make sure you order before the deadline because the item will no longer be available on the website to order once the deadline has passed. We have soooo many items to post, we must keep tight time frames on each item in order to make sure we have enough time to get all items posted before the end of July, so if you want it...buy it right then. Time goes by quick.
* In order to keep everything streamlined, we do not take any full payments on Christmas pre-orders. We will only take 1/2 payment now and the remaining 1/2 is due by Oct 31st.
* In order to purchase a pre-order item, you will follow the link I post in this group to checkout. You will only be charged for 1/2 of the item at this time. In September, we will post a link for you to follow to pay the remaining 1/2 on any items you ordered. You have until October 31st to make all of your final payments on pre-order items.
* All paid in full pre-order items will be completed and in the store ready for pick up no later than Saturday, Nov 11th. Some vendors may bring their completed items sooner, but other vendors won't have theirs here until Nov 11th, so Nov 11 (or later) is the safe day to plan to pick up all of your items.
* SHIPPING - If you will want your pre-order item(s) shipped to you, we do not need to know yet. On the website for the first payment, you will select store pick up so you are not charged shipping yet. When you make your 2nd payment, you will select shipping on the website at that time and it will calculate the cost for you then.

* We do not promise having any of these items in the store during the holidays. We simply do not know if we will have any of them or not...most of the time we DO NOT make extras because vendors have many other pre-sale items to make for pre-orders (or because after they've made 50 of them...they have zero desire to make a few extras "just in case" lol).

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