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About Me

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I'm Jennifer McDougald, the owner of Legacy Home Staging in Pearland, TX. My family and I live in Manvel, TX (which is a small town just right outside of Pearland) on a few acres of gorgeous nature in my dream home that we purchased in 2016. I stay busy with my loving husband, 3 kids and our mini farm shenanigans.  Here's the link to keep up with our mini farm (but often feels like a full-blown circus) life.


I’m just your typical mom that goes 100 mph trying to get it all done just like everyone else, while also trying to slow down and enjoy every precious moment of my kid’s childhood years.  I’m probably the hardest worker you will ever meet (as I’ve been told my entire life).  I’ve never been handed anything, but if I’ve ever wanted something, I’ve hustled to get it.  I truly enjoy giving back to my community and being a part of such an amazing town that I live and work in. I'm constantly taking on new adventures and trying new exciting things, so be sure to sign up for our blog/newsletter updates (enter your email address at the bottom of this website) to stay in the loop with what we are up to!   


At Legacy we always carry affordable, unique and trending home decor and furniture. Our pricing is budget friendly and our customer service is proudly what we are well known for.  Legacy is designed to offer flexibility to our customers with hectic lives and busy schedules.  We will do just about anything we can to accommodate our customers because we live that life too and totally “get it”.  We get new arrivals every single week…and often times even every single day!  There is always something new coming in the door and we always post it in our Facebook group “Legacy New Arrivals” for our VIP members to get first dibs.  Here’s the link to join the group…


My education…

My education comes collectively from Baylor University, Barnes & Noble, Youtube and my many life adventures and experiences.  Anytime I want to learn more about something, I hunt down all of the best books, articles, online classes and videos on the subject and teach it to myself.  I firmly believe in always learning new things, staying up to date on more efficient ways to do things and taking new risks. 

My experience…

I have extensive experience in sales, marketing, real estate (property management), flipping real estate assets, home staging, professional organizing, interior decorating and consulting, furniture painting and giving old vintage items new life. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I absolutely love what I do and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to help others with turning their homes into warm, inviting spaces they are proud of, while also capturing their own unique style.  There is no greater honor than customers wanting to fill the insides of their homes with Legacy goods and it’s my pleasure to be able to get to do something so fun and rewarding as my "work". 

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