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Purging & Organizing Coaching Series

Purging & Organizing Coaching Series

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Join us for a fresh start in 2019 with all new assignments as we work room by room purging and organizing our homes as a group effort!  Each week a new assignment is posted in our coaching group and you are given the full week to complete it.  For accountability, you will have to turn in a picture to prove completion of each assignment, but it's all in good fun and we won't judge promise!  It's fun tackling projects with others in the same spot you are in and it's a great way to ensure success tackling your cluttered drawers, cabinets and rooms with a support group that will be encouraging, applauding you and with a coach monitoring you the whole way.  Tips and organization systems will be demonstrated and we can assist with your unique situations in a small group setting such as this.  Don't let clutter take over your home or mind in 2019!

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